Free Vector Frames

It's been a long summer here in Seattle. So it's not surprising that I have been too busy outdoors to make free vector files. In order to kick things off again, here is a set of the ten most common whales.

In case you cannot tell the whales apart, here is a break down of what's included in the Illustrator file: Blue Whale, Grey Whale, Right Whale, Sperm Whale, Killer Whale (Orca), Humpback Whale, Beluga Whale, Narwhal, Porpoise (Dolphin), and Pilot Whale.

Download the Illustrator File:

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Sample Outlines:

Here's a screenshot of the illustrator file in outline mode. This should give you a better sense of the flexibility of the illustrations.

Free Vector Frames

As with the rest of my free content, please do not redistribute this as your own. I would be more than happy to have the link back to my site.